Thursday, January 8, 2009

Whilst fishing in the Blogosphere...

Dear Anders Landers,

Help! A friend is facing a tough choice over a costly car repair and you always know just what to do. Should I disinvite my step-mother from the wedding even if it means my father won't be there or should I finally tell my neighbor that the jokes he makes in front of my children are inappropriate?

Boss Troubles in Tallahassee



OK! Whoa, I'm sorry you've got so much shit goin' on-- and that all that is so interrelated. Damn.

'Far as that car goes, fart on it. In fact, I recommend that you fart on all your problems; and that-- in a separate window-- you set this blog to music.

You could murder-fart on Old Sparky, your salacious neighbor, and put him in the back of it (he'd probably be your friend if you didn't have any kids, mind you); and if your dad wants to be a slo-mo-blo, disproving Coulomb and Plato and shit what with his new wife, the out of gas violinist, then he can go in there too-- rrrip roarin'-- off the Tallahassee Pier. KA-ZOO! I say! It would seem that Florida has a brand new wet n' wimpy serial killer...

Seriously though, all fart puns aside, I do hope this helps, BTiT. I find that a good, timely rip can really bring me-- and others around me-- back from the all-too-serious dark side of life.

And can I say: I'm a great fan of a good stock photography.

All my packing tape,

Anders Landers

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